Problem with your device?

Not for us, that's why we exist! Okay, maybe not, but we can help. Come on in and let our specialists put your mind at ease.

Let a Snaptech Mobile specialist repair your tech in a snap. Yeah, we just went there!

Our primary focus is you regardless of your need. Call or email us and we will be more than glad to talk with you.


Don't abandon your unused devices. Let us give them new homes with our customer buy-back program.


Bored with your old device or just want a new one? Choose a phone from our inventory or tell us what you want and we will get it for you


Let us make your device look and feel new again. Cracked Screen? Water Damage? Can't Hear? Won't Turn On? No problem, we can take care of you!


Hate your carrier but love your device? We can handle that! Let us unlock your phone so you can take it with you.

We know and understand how hard it is to stay without your device.

That's why we try to make every repair quick but thorough using the process outlined below.


We inspect your device, evaluate the issue, prepare an initial diagnosis and price out the repair for you before servicing.


We check the initial diagnosis and repair the device accordingly. If we encounter any other issues, we contact you and wait to proceed.


We thoroughly inspect your device to make sure it was done to our standards. Which are pretty high, but we will let you be the judge.

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We do one more inspection with you to make sure you are completely happy with the repair and quality. Then we take payment.

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SnapTech Big Oak

Phone, PC and Tablet Repair Center - Advanced Repair Center

Water Damage Repair, Screen Replacement, Carrier Unlock, Won't Turn On, Won't Charge, Pre-Paid Activation, Data Recovery, Micro Solder, Blue Screen of Death, BGA / IC Chip and more.

127 Big Oak Dr Suite 200, Canton, Georgia 30115
phone: (470)588-SNAP email:
monday through saturday: 11am-7pm


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